Don?t clutter your copy when less can be more

While it?s not always the way, with some things less really can be more. Depending on the circumstances of course. Take people?s homes for instance. Some find clutter homely, making them fell secure in their surroundings.

Especially when objects have sentimental value only they can appreciate. Others find the opposite is true and cut everything to the bare minimum. Clear lines and bare surfaces get their vote every time. It all depends on how you want to live your life.

One place where clutter really isn?t a good idea is your copy. No matter what type of home you like to live in, when doing something online people look for the easy and simple options. Especially if they?re trying to do business with someone.

Then it?s a case of being able to see clearly what?s there. And how it?ll affect the outcome. Not to be distracted by things of no importance to the rest of us, no matter how important they might be to someone else.

As the object of the exercise is to get people reading your copy, it has to talk to them about the things they?re interested in. You might hope to persuade them to become customers, but the choice to do so is theirs not yours. Filling the page with
irrelevancies and waffle is more likely to turn them away. Now?s the time to introduce those clean lines and a stress free environment to make dealing with you a pleasant experience.

But don?t make the mistake of thinking clutter free has to be bland instead. There?s a big difference between the two. If what you?re writing is boring and of little interest, it won?t matter what it looks like. No one will want to bother giving it more than a cursory glance.

Essentials are just that, whatever your viewpoint on d?cor. They still have to be included and worked into the whole scheme. With copy there?re certain things you have to say. And certain information you?ll be expected to give. It?s the way you present them that makes all the difference.

If you?re cluttering up your copy with too much of your personal taste, you might ask yourself who you?re writing it for. And why.

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