Some excuses to stop you writing

No matter how much we may want to write, there always seems to be a reason why we don?t. It?s an experience even established writers come up against sometimes.

While in a lot of cases it?s only a temporary thing, in others it?s something that really can stop you in your tracks. You have to be strict with yourself and recognise excuses for the barrier they are.
Here are some that you really should think twice about;

I don?t have time.
Is that really the case or are you unwilling to make the time? It doesn?t matter if you can only spare a short time away from everyday life. A few minutes are better than nothing. At least you?re doing it.

I don?t know what to write.
Fair enough. Not everyone can come up with ideas at the drop of a hat. But are you stopping yourself from going further because of it? The simplest things can spark our imaginations. We just need to go with them. Think of the sort of books you like to read. Or the television programmes you watch. They?ll probably be something in particular that makes you go with certain genres. If that?s where your interests lie why not try something on those lines?

I don?t know where to start.
Although the beginning is probably the logical answer for most things, that isn?t always the case in writing. Sometimes an ending is the first thing that our imagination conjures up. Or a situation that happens in the middle of something we haven?t yet thought of. It doesn?t matter what order you start writing in. As long as it all comes together in the end.
If you?re still not sure write a simple framework around your original idea. You?ll be surprised how quickly a story can take shape from such humble beginnings.

I can?t spell.
So what? That?s a poor excuse these days. And it really doesn?t matter while you?re writing. There?ll be the chance afterwards to edit and correct any howlers. The same with grammar and punctuation. If you?re not sure about something look it up.

Just write. Everything else can be worked out from there.

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