Copy as the whole package

When you?re writing copy for your business you have a specific aim in mind. To let people know what you do and what you?re offering. If it?s online it?s even more important as it?ll be the only indication of the fact you even exist.
From your heading onwards it has to offer customers the whole package. If you?re not getting the attention you hope for, maybe it?s time to make sure you haven?t missed anything out.
It?s obvious you need a title or headline. Not only does it have to get picked up by the search engine, it also has to have more to it than just a string of keywords. If that?s all it is people are likely to get suspicious.

For one thing it looks like a trick to get them onto your site. In which case they?re likely to err on the side of caution and give it a miss. Or think if you can?t be bothered with a proper title they really can?t be bothered with you.
Once you?ve managed to get them there you can?t just leave them high and dry. Copy should be more than simply a page filler. It?s where they?ll expect to find the information they need to actually become customers. Or not as the case may be. Starting with what?s most important to them.

Followed by clear instructions on how to take matters further. For those unsure of procedure, and there are still some of them around, your site should be clearly accessible and signposted.
If there?s a checkout area they?ll have to use it?s important to reassure them of their security. It?s an area that?ll be high on their list concerning trust, so don?t let them down. People are rightfully wary of parting with sensitive information, especially online. It?s up to you to make it as secure as it can be, and include that reassurance in your copy.
Don?t forget it?s also where you?ll be judged, for good or bad. If you give the impression of being friendly and understanding you?ll get a positive reaction. Or the opposite if you seem cold or careless of their experience with you.
Your copy is where it all happens. It really does pay to get it right.

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