Is your title getting the right attention for your blog?

Whoever you?re it doing it for and whatever you?re writing about, the aim of a blog is to get as many people reading it as possible. It doesn?t just happen by chance. For it to appeal to the right people a lot of thought has to go into its construction.

There?s a lot of competition out there. Blogs about every subject under the sun. To stop yours getting lost in the ether your title has to grab attention away from other people?s and on to yours.

Think about the way titles work. Unless people are looking for a particular author, the book they?ll be drawn to is the one with a compelling title. Apart from the blurb it usually gives them a clue about the story itself.

Or intrigue them so much they want to investigate further. The same with newspaper headlines. If it?s about something we want to know more about we?ll read the rest of the article.

So the first thing to think about is what your own will be. It?s no good trying to be clever or obscure. Unless it?s clear what readers are likely to find when they get there they won?t bother. Your target audience will be those who share the same interests, are curious to learn something new, or those interested in your business for whatever reason.

Blogs are also a great way to keep present customers up to date and encourage new ones. But first they have to know you?re ready and waiting.

It?s not rocket science. Think about the words you?d type into a search engine if you were looking for what you have. Chances are they?ll be the same as most people?s.
Including those words in your own title means you?ll get noticed in the same way.

Another way to attract attention is by asking a question. ?Are you having problems because??? or ?do you need help with? for instance. If it strikes a cord with people they?ll stop by and see what solution you can offer them.

Needless to say it shouldn?t be a trick question. If they think they?re being deceived they?ll give your site a wide berth. And might well recommend others do the same.

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