Copy shouldn?t cut corners

Customers are likely to feel cheated if it does. Not only will your copy look sloppy, it?ll also give the impression you don?t care enough about them to get it right. Which is not the way to inspire confidence in your capabilities now is it?

We might all be guilty of cutting corners sometimes. Especially if we?re in a hurry. But sometimes rushing to get something finished means it?s not as good as it could have been. If it?s something you?ll be judged on it?s simply not worth the risk.

For one thing important information is likely to be left out. Or be incorrect. It might seem like a small thing compared to everything else you?re doing but customers won?t agree.

In which case they?ll probably wonder if you?re cutting corners elsewhere. In customer service perhaps. Quality of what you?re offering. Or worse, their financial safety while they?re on your site.

You won?t be able to build that all important rapport with them if you?ve just rushed through certain facts. As far as they?re concerned they might as well be dealing with a machine. And let?s face it you can?t reason with one of those. Or ask questions and get a friendly rely.

Grammar and punctuation might seem unimportant these days. But they?re not. Especially amongst professionals. Or those hoping to deal with one. They?re usually the first casualties of rushing your copy, and one that will speak volumes to those reading it. If you want to be thought of as a professional, you have to present yourself as one.

Obviously you?ll be familiar with your site and how it works. Those entering it for the first time won?t be. Which is why you have to take the time and make it as user friendly as necessary.

Most people won?t try and work it out if it looks too complicated. Something you think is self explanatory might not be to anyone less technically minded. And there are plenty of those still around.

You?d take care in your appearance if you were going to a party. Or meeting someone special. Your copy deserves to be given the same attention. If you want it to leave a good impression anyway.

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