Delivering what your copy promises

If you want to stay in business that is. No matter what it is your customers will expect nothing less of you. It isn?t just a question of bad manners if you don?t keep your promises.

Or a matter of right or wrong. It?s the deciding factor in whether customers will deal with you or make sure your reputation for dishonesty spreads. Which these days can happen in just a few seconds. If you don?t want to take the risk you have to do what you say you will.

Just because you?re not dealing with them face to face doesn?t mean you can treat them with any less respect. Or think that distance will lessen the impact of bad practice. It won?t. In fact for most people the opposite is true. Without the benefit of making their purchase in person it?s even more important for you to be trustworthy.

They have to rely entirely on the integrity of the copywriter. It?s that copy that?ll give them all the information they need to know. Not just an accurate description of what?s on offer, but the whole process. And most importantly what they?ll get in return for their trust.

You could be anyone after all. Telling people what they want to hear in order to take their money and run. Which means copy has to be more than simply an advertisement for your particular product or service.

It has to reassure them you?re serious about what you do, and that you understand their wariness. It has to set out clearly your part of the bargain as well as theirs. Although you want them to buy what you have, honesty is the only way forward. No matter what you claim it has to live up to it one hundred percent.

Letting customers down with misinformation or deliberate deceit can only end up costing you dear. Not only will they avoid you with a very large bargepole in the future, they?ll make sure everyone else does as well. If that?s too high a price to pay don?t give them reason to do that. Deliver those promises made to them in your copy.

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