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How case studies can generate new business

Case studies have long been used as marketing collateral for businesses and for good reason. Not only do they demonstrate that your product or service actually works, done right, they can build trust in your business.

As an established copywriter and content marketer, case studies have a big part to play in our daily life. Coastal Content regularly writes top quality case studies for companies of all kinds to use in marketing. It is a very effective tool in any marketing kit.

What makes a case study so powerful?

We all know that trust is pivotal in conversion and in business as a whole. If someone trusts you, they will do business with you. If they trust you, they will listen and they will be receptive to what you say. That person will also pay more for a product or service they trust and keep coming back for more while that trust exists. That’s how powerful trust can be.

Case studies, done properly can help create that trust.

Aside from a case study, the next best thing in creating trust is the testimonial. Now let’s be completely honest, who believes these things? With the sheer number of faked testimonials online, it is difficult to credit these with much. There are places you can buy testimonials if you need to and people know many are made up, which significantly lowers their value.

The only way a testimonial really works is if it is accompanied by the details of a real person who doesn’t mind prospects contacting them to talk about you. How many of your customers would be happy with that?

So rather than a dubious 50 word testimonial, a case study is at least 500 words and can be full of detail. By their very nature, a case study outlines a client’s challenge and how you addressed that challenge to make their business easier, faster, more productive and/or more profitable.

That client challenge could echo what the reader is going through right now and how your offering can help them too.

Done right, a case study is currently the most effective way to convince a prospect that you’re real, that what you offer is real and that it really can do what you say.


A case study needs a few things to be truly successful. It needs to tell a story and tell it well. It needs a real customer who can be looked up online and checked out. It needs a successful solution provided by your product or service, it needs quotes from the client saying how good you are it needs data.

It’s all very well saying your product helped a client increase output by 20% over six months. If you include a chart or graph showing how their output went from 100,000 units of widgets a month to 120,000 widgets by the sixth month while lowering operating costs, it becomes even more compelling.

Done right, case studies are very powerful marketing tools. If you want to utilise them to boost trust in your business contact Coastal Content today. As expert content marketers in Cornwall, we are perfectly placed to write your case studies!

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