Five reasons why a blog could help your business

Writing a blog might be something you?ve never considered before. Especially if you?re wary about what you share online. But if your business is web based you could be missing an opportunity to give it a welcome boost.

They?re not just written by people who feel the need to record every breath they take for public consumption. Although no doubt there are some of those around. Many businesses are also using them as an extra way of communicating to a wider audience. Before you dismiss the idea of writing your own blog, here are some reasons to maybe think again;

1) It will increase traffic to your site. That?s always a bonus when you?re trying to attract new customers. It?s unlikely they?ll go through every page shown to them by the search engine, so the higher up the list you are the better chance you have of them stopping.

2) They?ll be more likely to do that if it looks as if you?re offering something a bit different. Depending on how you word it, your title can show you?re more than simply a business touting for custom.

3) It?s a friendlier and more informal way of talking to people. While your business site is expected to be professional and to the point, you can let your hair down when writing your blog. Although it?s not a good idea to be too much the other way. You don?t want to look like an idiot after all.

4) You don?t have to bombard them with jargon and the usual businesslike language. In fact it?s better if you don?t. Such things tend to go in one ear and out the other. You can speak to them as if you?re having a chat, which in a way you are.

5) You can give them the chance to interact with you. To share their own thoughts and ideas, and maybe exchange information. If they feel they?re part of something they?ll be more likely to take it further. As long as you post regularly and keep the content fresh. If people think you?ve lost interest in them they?ll do the same to you.

These are just some of the reasons why writing your own blog can benefit your business. No doubt you can think of others. You might even be tempted to write your own. It couldn?t do any harm to give it go could it?

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