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Could upcycling your copy give it a new lease of life?

It seems to be the latest thing at the moment. Upcycling. Along with bargain hunting and abandoning the usual supermarkets for the budget equivalent, taking something old and giving it a new lease of life is all the rage. What that has to do with copy might not be immediately obvious.

But think about it. If something?s been around for a while a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference. Something that was about to be discarded is put to a new use. If your copy has gone stale but is still relevant, what better way to liven it up than to look at it from a different perspective?

There may be a limit on the number of words you can use. Or certain points you simply have to include. But that doesn?t mean it has to be written once and then forgotten about. It?ll mean potential customers might get bored with reading the same old thing time and again for one thing. For another, it has to keep up with them or get left behind.

Novels are variations on a theme. There are only so many plots writers can use after all. But it?s their interpretation and retelling of those plots that make each book different. Copy is no different. Putting your own personal stamp on it will make it unique to you.

As will keeping up with the times. What might have seemed vital for people to have in the past might well be at the bottom of the list now. As their lifestyles change so to do their priorities. If you can?t change what you?re offering, maybe it?s time to change the way you offer it.

In times of doom and gloom people don?t want to read copy that?s the same. On the other hand if it?s too flippant it?ll come across as uncaring. It?s getting the balance right that counts.

Stripping it down and emphasising the quality product underneath is no bad thing. Provided the base is strong of course. Then you can go to town on smartening it up and presenting customers with something new. Isn?t that better than simply dumping it into the nearest bin?

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