Don’t let your writing sag in the middle

Beginnings can be tricky when you?re writing. At what point in the story do you start? The ending maybe easier to contend with as you?ve probably already decided more or less how it all comes together. It?s the bit in the middle that can be more difficult to deal with. But as it?s the part that holds everything else together it needs a lot of care and attention.

If you?ve started with a moment of crisis you have to go back and show how it all began. After all nothing just happens without something leading up to it. The beginning of the story is the hook that draws the reader in. Wherever it starts. It?s where you pique their interest enough to make them keep reading.

The final part of course is where all the loose ends are knitted together. Where all the clues and red herrings you?ve given them finally make sense. And where they?ll close the book satisfied it was all worth the effort of reading it. So far so good.

The middle is where the story really takes off. Where you start rounding out the characters and make them real. You also have to make readers care about them.
It doesn?t matter if they want a happy ever after or to see them get their just deserts. If they couldn?t care less what happens you?ve already lost them.

This is where the story becomes interwoven with the characters. Their relationships with each other and those around them. Where things happen that involves both them and the readers. It?s here subplots can be introduced. Where you can start leaving those all important clues. If you introduce everything in the first chapter there?ll be nothing for anyone to look forward to.

They have to subtly strewn about so no one can guess what happens next. Or why. But don?t forget to tie up all the loose ends when you do get to the finale. Most of all make it relevant. If you?ve run out of ideas don?t just write any old thing to fill up the space.

You can always tell if the author has done just that and filled the middle with padding. Readers will lose interest and feel cheated. And close the book for good. A good story not only has to begin and end well, but continue throughout all that comes in-between.

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