Tips to get your website content noticed

Presumably if you?ve set up a website it?s there to serve a purpose. If it?s for promoting your business no doubt you?ve thought long and hard about your copy and how it all looks. But of course that?s just the start.

You want potential customers to stay around long enough to take an interest in what you?re offering. Simply presenting them with text is likely to have the opposite effect. Here are some things to think about;

Remember no one?s there to do all the work. They want it all laid out before them so they don?t have to. They?re concerned with getting what they want with the least amount of effort on their part.

As most of them will scan the text rather than read every word, breaking it down into bite size pieces means it?ll be easier on the eye. And their concentration levels. You don?t have to miss out anything important, just present in a clear and simple way.

Don?t beat about the bush either. The only thing in their minds will be whether they can do business with you. Let them know straight away what you have to offer. And how easy you?ve made the whole process for them. Once doubts start creeping in you?ve lost them.

Gaudy colours and flashing images will only be a distraction, as well as making the text difficult to see. You?re not there to give them a headache or assault their eardrums with sudden loud music or jingles. You have to inspire them to take action. That means deciding to do business with you, not click off your site in disgust.

Give them something to think about. Not trying to work out the meanings of what you?re saying, but to stir their interest. Remind them why they want it in the first place. How much easier it?ll be for them to get it from you. And how seriously you take their custom.

To put it bluntly you have to design your website from their point of view not your own. However arty or clever you think it is it?s your customer?s opinions that count. The more relaxed they feel the longer they?ll stay. Which of course means the better chance you?ll have of winning their custom. And more importantly, keeping it.

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