Don’t be afraid of writing

To some people writing is a means to an end. To others it?s a passion. For many more it?s only a dream that couldn?t possibly ever come true. But how will you know if you don?t give it a try?

It?s understandable to be wary of doing something new. Especially if it?s something you?ve always wanted to do. After all, if you don?t give it a go you can?t go wrong can you? It can stay as no more than wishful thinking without the disillusionment.
In other words maybe it?s not writing you?re afraid of. It?s failure.

Which is perfectly understandable. The world is full of good writers. But every one of them had to start off in the same way. By sitting down and giving it a shot. By writing that first word and letting it lead them on a journey of discovery. Which is what writing is all about. For both the writer and the reader.

If it?s a novel you?re planning in your head you might well wonder where to start. The answer is anywhere as long as you do. Many writers begin by making a grid or framework to hang the story on. Or writing a first rough draft to get the ideas down before they vanish for ever.

Which they?re quite likely to do over time. No doubt you?ll find the best method for yourself once you begin. After all advice is just that. It?s not written in stone so don?t think you have to do it the same way someone else does.

Unless you copy someone else?s work word for word, definitely not to be recommended, your story will be unique to you. Not only by the actual style of writing but your own interpretation of whatever plotline you decide on. Once you let your imagination take flight it?ll take on a life of its own, leading you down all sorts of highways and byways.

Not all of it will necessarily be right for what you?re doing. If it doesn?t work don?t consider it a waste of time, just put it to one side until you find somewhere where it will. But the important thing is you?re actually doing it. You?re writing. The biggest hurdle has been overcome and you?re on your way. Doesn?t it feel good?

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