Even with copy first impressions count

Maybe that should be especially with copy. Usually if you?ve made a bad impression with that you won?t get a second chance. There are too many other websites out there who?ve got it right.

There?s no doubt about it first impressions are just that. Once we get to know something or someone they can prove us wrong. Or right as the case may be. But that happens over time. With copy you don?t have that luxury.

You don?t need me to tell you how impatient online readers are. Especially if they?re looking to do business with someone. They won?t have the patience or inclination to wade through your site if it looks as if you?re not what they want. But what if you are?

You could be a perfect match for them. It could potentially be the start of a long and fruitful relationship. But if you?ve given them the wrong impression neither of you will have the chance to find out.

They?ll be looking for something specific. And they?ll want it now. Unless you let them know what you?re doing there they?ll pass you by. Of course your title should be the first thing that catches their attention. But it?s no good having an eye catching headline if the rest doesn?t live up to it.

Just like that first encounter with a perfect stranger, it?s up to you to give them something positive to consider. By giving it to them straight. Not that you should cut corners. Or give false information. Just make it easy for them to stay around and find out more.

Which from their point of view comes mainly down to one thing. What?s in it for them? By answering that question first they?ll be encouraged to read on. If you?ve given them the right answer of course.

But of course there are some things that?re not a good idea at this stage. Like speaking to them as if they?re in the boardroom and need to be impressed by your vast knowledge of corporate jargon for instance. They won?t be.

Neither will they be impressed by arrogance or ignorance. They?ll simply click off thinking you?re not their type at all. And they won?t come back to double check either. If you want to make that all important first impression a good one, make sure you take the appropriate care with your appearance.

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