Not literally of course. But the idea of it being as good a place to do business as anywhere else. Naturally you?d point out all the advantages many people won?t have a clue about. But could you make them care enough to want to find out more?

To some people the West Country probably seems as remote as the Outer Hebrides. Or full of people whose only occupation is smuggling or catering for holiday makers. To make them see the real picture it?s up to you to show there?s more to stereotyping than meets the eye.

Of course many TV programmes concentrate on those days of daring do and nefarious activities. Or use the beautiful scenery as a backdrop to unfolding drama. There?s nothing wrong with that. In fact it can be beneficial in introducing it to a wider audience. But what of reality?

Naturally tourism is big business. Many local economies depend on it. But what often gets missed is all those small independent companies that aren?t household names. Or the fact that many towns and cities are thriving, and have more to offer than the usual bland shops and faceless corporations. In other words a whole new shopping experience.

And what of the other companies doing business out of the West Country? Just because they don?t operate from one of the centres of commerce doesn?t mean they?re any less viable. The problem can be simply making people aware of their existence. If you?re writing copy chances are it?s to promote something. But including the bigger picture can make a lot of difference to how it?s perceived.

With the advent of online shopping people can now shop anywhere they choose. Most likely they?ll type in what it is they?re looking for into the search engine, rather than the location. But many people would prefer to deal with smaller companies. That way they?ll get a more personal experience, and they?ll also be helping those independent shops that are in danger of disappearing for ever.

A lot of people?s choice of purchase comes down to cost. It?s naturally assumed that the bigger the company the cheaper it will be. Your copy is where you can get rid of all those misconceptions and encourage customers to give others a chance. Especially in areas like Cornwall, not always a place someone would think of looking.

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