Promoting your website with the human touch

Advertising has been around a long time. Evidence shows that it was being used in one form or another by the ancient Egyptians. And who knows how long before that. Signs advertising their wares were an important tool for businesses to let people know they were there. Especially when few people were literate and a simple picture really could speak volumes.

In those days of course consumers had the choice of whether to take any notice or not. Unlike to today where we seem to have no say in the matter. Advertisers can invade our homes with seemingly endless methods and frequency. To the point where we get so used to it we tend to switch off mentally if not physically.

If you want to advertise your on line business you have to get past those mental barriers. And of course the competition is so much fiercer and widespread these days. Which can be a double edged sword as far as you?re concerned. The more ways there are to attract people, the harder it gets to actually pin them down. But not impossible.

It depends on what you?re offering of course. If it?s something everyone needs you have to let them know you?re there to supply it. And that their experience with you won?t be a time consuming ordeal ending up with them in your clutches for evermore. And of course that you?ll provide better value than other sites.

If it?s not one of life?s essentials you have to persuade people that it could be. Or at least can improve their lives in some way. Not by force feeding them details they?re not interested in. Or by the kind of saturation bombardment some advertisers indulge in.

The methods of shopping might have changed since those ancient times but people still need the contact of fellow human beings. Which these days means treating them as such. And letting them know they?ll be dealing with one themselves. No matter how many machines are in use it?s that personal touch people still look for.

Knowing that someone is actually there to help if needed. As well as understand any difficulties or problems they might have. Whatever technology we end up with it?s still people that count. And of course people, with all their individual needs and dreams, that?ll keep your business going.

Something that?ll win over machines every time. As long as you remember which of them you?re designing it for, you can still promote your business no matter how many others there are.

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