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What is brand storytelling?

When reading about marketing or content marketing, you hear the term ?brand storytelling? a lot. So what is it and what can it do for you?

Essentially, brand storytelling is an extension of brand voice. It paints a picture in the head of your audience. It encapsulates who you are as a brand, what you do, how you solve problems, add value, care about your customers, engage with them and contribute to the world around you. Anything that can be seen externally of your company contributes to your brand story.

It isn?t just what you tell people, it?s what they believe about you. Good examples of brand story include:

Apple. great design, good usability, premium products that expresses creativity.

Volvo. Safety in a premium product. Even the badge on the front resembles a seatbelt.

Google. Web search, empowerment for internet users, provider of apps for the web.

Amazon. Anything you could possibly need on one website, cheap with fast delivery.

You get the idea. Each brand has consistently said the same things at the right time and has built a reputation for delivering on their promises. More importantly, we believe what they say.

Apple is successful because it is measured in everything it does. Some say a little too regimented, but nobody can argue with the results. Apple concentrates on creating a story based around aspirational products designed to make life easier for everyone, especially creatives. This story pervades everything from the website, to the products right down to the town centre stores.

Everything they do has the same goal in mind, to continue the Apple brand story and expand their fanatical following and market share.

How can you use brand storytelling to benefit your own business?

To get a story off the ground, you need to know who you are and what you want to mean to your audience. Then you need to set it in stone. Everything you do from that moment has to have the goal of cementing that idea. Every email you send, your logo, website, every press release to the product packaging. Everything has to say the same thing and give a consistent impression.

A successful brand story won?t just get your customers to like you, they will come to love you. They will want to know what you?re planning next, when your next product or service will be released, what you are developing and how you come up with your ideas.

Think Go Pro cameras, Nike trainers or any leading mobile phone. People don?t just want to know what the product is capable of. They want to know how it will improve their lives, how the next model will be better and how owning that product will make them feel.

I read a story online a little while ago that sums it up nicely. A schoolboy wanted a pair of Adidas Predator football boots. The parent thought they were too expensive. To them they were a premium pair of football boots that would quickly wear out. To the child they weren?t just a pair of boots. They were the opportunity to score more goals, for their team to win that season, for him to become popular because of his success on the pitch and perhaps one day be spotted by a scout.

In other words, it?s about more than just what the product does. It?s about how it can change lives. Communicate that and you will succeed no matter what.

Ask ten marketers what brand storytelling is and you will likely get several different answers. Storytelling is a very powerful way to get personal with your customers and to put a human face on your company. You can educate, inspire, create dreams and aspirations and build rich, long-lasting relationships with your audience. All of which will ensure the future and prosperity of your brand.

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