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Selling your brand with more than just fancy packaging

Much research has gone into finding out which shape of cosmetic bottles customers are more likely to be attracted to. Or what colour packaging is more likely to catch their eye. Which of course is only the tip of the iceberg as far as psychology in selling brands is concerned.

It obviously works to a certain extent otherwise companies wouldn?t waste that kind of money doing it. Customers might be persuaded that using a certain brand will change their lives. Or unwittingly reach for a certain item for no other reason than they like the colour.

If a customer walks into a shop the whole ambience can have an effect on them. If they?re buying online it?s not so easy for them to be persuaded to part with their money.

For one thing they only have your word that you have what they want. Certain lighting or appetising smells wafting through the building won?t come into it. Neither will being able to seek out a helpful assistant to demonstrate the advantages in person.

On the other hand you can give them the luxury of time. They can visit your website whatever time of the day or night that suits them, and not have too worry about closing times.

They can take as long as they want to make that all important decision without feeling pressured to do so. In other words you can offer them a completely different shopping experience.

No one likes to feel they?re being persuaded against their will to buy something. No matter how powerful the advertising may be. Or that they?re nothing more than a number on a spreadsheet somewhere.

By making your website not only accessible but a good place to be will help to put potential customers at ease. But so will your understanding of their needs. And their dislike of the hard sell approach.

Whatever your brand is you can still compete in the marketplace. Maybe even go one better than the big businesses out there. By simply remembering that customers are human too.

And like nothing more than to be treated like one. You don?t need to spend a fortune on psychology or fancy packaging to do that.

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