Ringing the changes with your copy

Not everybody welcomes change. Although it depends on what it is of course. If something?s altered just for the sake of it resentment is often the result. If it?s for the better it?s usually welcomed.

Sometimes it?s simply a way of preventing boredom setting in.
Take your copy for instance. You might think if it works why not just leave it as it is. Which is fine up to a point.

But if you want to not only attract new customers but keep the ones you already have, maybe it?s time for a rethink. If only to keep you all on your toes.

It doesn?t have to be anything drastic. Sometimes simply rewording something can be all it takes. People might be reading the same thing but in a different way. It?ll not only stop them getting bored but let them know you?re still there.

We all get fed up with seeing the same old adverts time and time again. So much so that we tend to switch off when we see them. Not only physically but mentally as well. The danger there is that if the advertisers do decide to say something else we no longer care. We?ve lost interest.

With online copy we don?t just flick through the channels and come back to it later. If we don?t like what we see we?ll leave for good and not bother again. As a copywriter it?s up to you to hold our interest long enough to persuade us to become customers. You won?t do that by boring us to tears.

Maybe a different approach will do the trick. People are more likely to respond to a friendly invitation than a curt instruction. It?s also much harder to turn away from welcoming overtures than it is arrogant posturing. Whatever you?re writing might well read differently to how you intended it to.

Taking a step back can help you see things more clearly. Reading it from potential customer?s points of view for instance. They?ll have a different agenda to yours. Have you taken that into consideration?
Copy is where you introduce yourself to the waiting world.

Getting it right is vital. But keeping it fresh and interesting is just as important. Unless your aim is to send people to sleep that is.

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