Don?t be a robot when writing copy

Doing something on automatic pilot is a familiar feeling for most people. Something that?s so routine or familiar we don?t even have to think about it. Not a good idea if you have a plane load of passengers relying solely on your skills of course. Or to take it to another extreme, when you?re writing copy.

Most aspects of our lives have become automated in one way or another these days. Some for good, others not so good. As you?ll know if you?ve tried phoning a company that has a maze of options and departments to go through before you end up with someone human. If there?s one around of course.

It?s frustrating to say the least. The trouble with machines is they can?t answer back. No matter how urgent our inquiry, we have to run the gamut of automatons first. How many times have you given up when that happens?

Which is the last thing you want people to do with your copy. If it reads like it?s been written by a robot that?s what customers will assume they?re dealing with. And go somewhere else in search of a fellow human being.

Although much of what you write might be routine, you don?t have to be. In fact the opposite is true. The more you engage with readers the more they?ll respond. Which means speaking to them as a person instead of a company mouthpiece. Meaningless jargon and corporate posturing is a big a turn off for customers. Not only does it read like it?s been written by a robot, it has all the personality of one as well.

It?s much nicer having an informal chat with someone. They?re more likely to hear what you?re saying. And be encouraged to want to know more without the feeling of banging their head up against a brick wall.

The more machines take over our lives the more important human contact becomes. Writing copy isn?t the same as speaking to someone directly of course. But you can still communicate with them as a person not a machine. Science fiction might be becoming reality but robots should still be kept in their place. As far away from your customers as possible.

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