Is your business missing out by not having a blog?

If you?re running an online business you could well be missing out on more than you think. It isn?t just personal blogs that?re effective. More and more businesses are wondering how they ever managed without them.

With the increase in ways to advertise in these multi media times, the competition for recognition becomes even fiercer. Customers really can be spoilt for choice. While it?s good for them, it means businesses have to try that bit harder to attract their attention.

Blogs are a lot friendlier and more informal than normal copy. Which can work to your advantage as well as the people reading it. You can be less restrained in what you say, and they don?t feel under pressure from a sales pitch. And as any business owner knows, the better rapport you have, the more customers are likely to stay loyal.

It?s common now for many people in search of answers to go online for the solution. ?Where can I get that?? for instance, or ?how do I solve this?? By typing in their problem in the search engine they can find endless websites offering help. But only if the search engine can find them.

If the title of your blog has the relevant keywords included it should be easier for people to know you?re there. But of course it doesn?t end there. You have to carry out your promise and be who you say you are. The first page they see should allay their fears and give them the confidence to read on.

Acknowledge their problem and tell them what solution you offer. That takes a lot of the hard work out of it as far as they?re concerned. Here is someone who understands and can help. Which of course is exactly what they need. Although you probably offer the same in ordinary copy, this way it?s a far more sociable approach.

If you offer them ways of communicating back to you so much the better. Getting a dialogue going, especially if others can join in with their opinions, means you?re getting noticed for all the right reasons.
And of course if they?re pleased to have found you they?re more likely to do business with you. Everyone?s a winner.

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