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Is customer loyalty a thing of the past?

Once upon a time people had a very limited choice of where to shop. Whether it was for products or services it was usually a simple decision. More often than not they stuck with the familiar. Either because their other options were limited or because it was what they?d always done. As had their parents before them.

But then most of them didn?t even think of locking their doors either. Not something many people would risk doing these days. And so another fairy tale bites the dust.
In these more familiar times we?re spoilt for choice. Whatever we want there are countless people out there willing to provide it. Especially if you shop online.

Which in turn has led to the popularity of comparison sites to show us the way forward. There really do seem endless options available at our fingertips. Which is great for the consumer. If you?re a business trying to hold on to the customers you have while still appealing to new ones, you might think differently. Such is the way of the modern world.

Of course times have changed. People?s expectations are far higher these days. Out of necessity their needs are different. And of course there?s far more opportunity to compare prices and abandon those businesses charging more. Even if they have dealt with them for years.

It wasn?t only the lack of choice that kept people loyal to the familiar in the past. It was the personal service they received from them. Friendly, pleasant people who went that extra mile for their customers. When they knew where they stood and could trust those they dealt with. In other words a seamless, worry free experience that didn?t leave them feeling cheated or let down.

Just because you happen to be online doesn?t mean you can dismiss such things as ancient history. Not if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

If you want to succeed you have to offer all of that and more. You can?t take loyalty for granted. You have to work harder than ever for it. What it all boils down to is customer satisfaction. Something that never goes out of fashion.

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