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You get what you pay for with your content marketing

Offering value for money is at the centre of what Coastal Content is about. We are often questioned on our pricing and to be honest, it can be a little insulting. We are cheaper than most UK copywriters and certainly cheaper than most content marketing agencies, yet that isn?t always enough.

?Why do you charge ?20 for a 500 word blog post when I can get one for ?5?? is probably the most common question I am asked. Usually by Americans or those who are only interested in monetary ROI rather than brand ROI.

Two sayings come to mind, ?you get what you pay for? and ?buy cheap buy twice?.

I?ll give you an example. We are currently undertaking a website revamp for a London technology company. One article they had on their site caught my eye. They paid ?5 for it on what was Elance, now Upwork and were pleased with it. However, when I pointed out that it offered zero value to the reader, portrayed their brand in a negative way and had no shares or comments, their opinion changed.

Here is an excerpt, typos and all.

Broadband and business Packages Explained

You should be aware of the benefits of making a connections between broadband and business. It is also important to know about the packages offered by broadband service providers so as to get the best deal for your venture. There are a few factors that will help you determine the best service plan offered by a company that is known for its reliable operations. Reliability and affordability are two golden rules that can take you a long way if you want to enjoy hassle-free and speedy VOIP phone and Internet connections. A little negotiation will not hurt either as you might get significant discounts out of the service provider.

You can avoid problems associated with broadband and business connections by educating yourself about the dynamics of the industry. Broadband has become the tour de force of telecommunication industry in recent years. It offers two main types of connections. One is the standard telephony that is delivered over fiber optic lines instead of copper infrastructure that is common with PSTN connections. The second type of service is the Internet where you can get high bandwidth speed and reliable data transfer facilities.

You need to focus on both of these services if you want to get the best linkages made between your broadband and business. The encouraging fact is the availability of many high quality broadband services in the United Kingdom. You will be surprised to find that every company offers something special such as low tariffs and free equipment, among other packages. The key to success lies in finding a company that offers high quality service at economical rates. This calls for spending time on researching the service plans of different companies and settling down on one that best suits your needs. This may take a little more time but it is worth doing the market surveys and reading customer reviews than jumping on the first available offer.

As well as being factually incorrect and a little patronising, the article breaks all readability rules and is about as engaging as a tax return. That is precisely why it has no comments, shares or any impact on content marketing efforts whatsoever. It also makes the brand look cheap. Considering the company who owns this piece is a technology company in London, that?s a big mistake!

Quality is key in everything a business does. From your email signature, website, right up to product delivery and aftercare. You are judged on everything the public sees. If that isn?t worth investing in, I don?t know what is.

Avoid buying twice and work with Coastal Content. We deliver engaging, original content written with your audience in mind. Contact us for a fast, free quote!

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