Finding your own style when writing

Whatever you?re writing you want it to stand out from all the other writing out there. With fiction you obviously want people to read your book or story instead of someone else?s. If it?s copy you?re concerned with you want it to attract customers old and new.

With the sheer volume of the written word available to everyone, you may well wonder how you could possibly stand out from the crowd. How you can say something that hasn?t already been said a million times. But of course you can. You just say it in a different way.

You don?t need to be told everyone is unique. That stands to reason. Which means of course that everything anyone does will be different, however subtle the distinction may be. But maybe the biggest difference of all is your imagination.

Many people like the same kind of books. Have favourite authors they?ll turn to again and again. When you consider how limited the options for plots are, there?s obviously something more that attracts loyal readers. It?s the way they?re written that makes all the difference. Each author has their own way of writing. A particular style that?s unique to them.

And you?re no different. Unless you copy someone else?s work word for word what you?re writing will be unique. You?ll see things in a different way. You?ll have a different take on it.

Consider a major incident where there are witnesses to what?s happened. Every single one will have something different to add. Either because they only saw part of it, were too far away, or put a different interpretation on it. To name but a few examples.
Writing is the same.

With copy of course there are more limitations. You?ll have less time and space to say what you have to. It?ll be geared towards certain people with a particular objective in mind. But you can still put your own style into it. In fact it?s essential that you do.
However bland and boring the subject, it still has to be read. And people have to respond to it in a positive way.

So don?t be afraid of being different. It?s something that should be embraced. Whatever you?re writing it deserves to be the best you can do. With that all important style of course.

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