Ever thought of writing a blog for your business?

Writing a blog might be at the bottom of your list of priorities. If it?s there at all. After all there?re so many other things to think about when you?re running a business. And isn?t the web already full of them anyway? Maybe it is, but there?s still room for yours if you want to join in.

And why shouldn?t you. The benefits far out weigh any disadvantages you might think of. In fact it could be one of the best moves you ever make. However successful your business is, could you really turn down the chance of improving it even more?
It doesn?t even need to be all about that.

A blog allows you to share more than simply a sales pitch. If that?s all it turns out to be it?s unlikely to get people interested. There?s nothing wrong with mentioning your business of course. But it needs to be about much more than that. It?s where you can talk about everything your copy hasn?t room for. Without the need to focus on getting that sale, you can be more relaxed in what you write. With the added bonus of attracting new customers in a less formal way.

If you write something that caters to a wider audience than you might normally attract, it?s giving you precious exposure to potential customers of the future. As long as you post frequently and keep the interest going. It?s not something to do once then forget about. People need to know you?re still around.

If you give them the chance to interact with you so much the better. Having a conversation with someone, even online, can build a rapport you wouldn?t normally have. The friendlier and more informal you are the better. It lets readers know they?re actually dealing with a human being not a machine.

An advantage that?s more than welcome in these days of faceless technology.
Wouldn?t you welcome increased traffic to your site? More chances of being picked up by search engines? A blog could help do that. You don?t need me to tell you the advantages that will bring. Can you afford to miss out on that?

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