Don?t send your copy to the party in fancy dress

Fancy dress might be a good way to break the ice at a party. It can be great fun as people try and come up with the best disguise. It?s not so good if you?re trying to win customers online though. In fact it?ll probably have them backing away and trying to find the nearest exit.
Without being there in person, potential online customers need to see clearly what they?re letting themselves in for. The only way to do that is read your copy. Or more importantly, believe what they?re reading. They?re relying on your honesty and openness to guide them through it.
Naturally you want to present what you?re offering in the best possible light. The idea is to get people to do business with you after all. But of course nothing?s that simple. They?ll have queries and doubts. They?ll hesitate and probably compare your site with others offering the same thing.
They?ll be looking for the best deal for themselves, not admire fancy artwork or designs. And a website where they know they?ll be safe from sharp practices. In short they?ll want the best.
You might think pointing out any flaws or drawbacks won?t do you any favours. But you?ll be wrong. Customers would much rather know up front than when it?s too late. Perfection is hard to achieve as most of them will realise. Masking the truth is something else.
Disgruntled customers are likely to make their feelings clear. And in these days of multi media share them with the rest of the world. Once you get a bad reputation it?ll stick like mud.
The more honest you are the more people will warm to you. They?ll be in no doubt you?re doing your best for them. Masking the truth means you?re doing the opposite.
There?s a right time and place for everything. And most definitely a wrong one. Copy should be clear where it stands. And what it stands for. The best way to do that is to avoid covering anything up in the guise of something it?s not. It certainly won?t win any prizes for best dressed copy if you do.

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