After all if people don?t trust you they?re not likely to do business with you are they? Although copy is there to sell your product or service, it also has to sell you as a person. Or more importantly, your integrity.

It?s not something people take for granted these days. Long gone are the times when people didn?t even lock their doors at night. No one is that trusting anymore. But much as you might lament the passing of such innocent values, you have to realise you need to build your own.

Starting from the very beginning. The first thing to catch someone?s attention will be the title you use. It might be tempting to exaggerate the truth to make it sound better. Or play fast and loose with the facts. But not if you want to be seen as someone who?s honest.

Most consumers are tired of aggressive marketing. And who can blame them? Especially when they play on our fears. Or target our children. Pester power might work for some, but it gives the impression they?ll stop at nothing in order to take our money.

When your business is online you don?t have the luxury of turning up in living rooms via the TV whether people like it or not. Or be there in front of them when they turn the page of a newspaper.

Customers have to actually seek you out. If the first thing they see is copy that misleads, they?ll click off immediately. It?s up to you to persuade them to give you a chance. It will come down to their choice not yours.

If they have the facts they?re perfectly able to come to that decision by themselves. Basically that?s all anyone will be looking for. To see if you have what they?re looking for. And can be trusted enough for them to take it further.

Your site has to convince them it?s a safe and secure place to be. If you?re not being honest about other things why should they believe you now?

The fact is trust has to be earned not given without question. Reading your copy will make people decide if you?re worthy of it. Or not as the case may be.

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