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Multiple SEO keywords on one page or not?

I was wrestling with this very question the other day when formulating a series of pages for a client website. Traditional thinking was that you write a single page for a single keyword or keyword term. More recent thinking is to use whatever works as long as the reader can make sense of it.

For example, my keywords might be:

  • Blogging
  • Blog writing
  • Blogging for money
  • Blogging platforms
  • Blogging and social media
  • Blogging tools

Should I write a landing page for each or use multiple terms on a single page? The short answer is both. If you have the time, you should use each keyword term on its own page and also combine them when it makes sense to do so.

The longer answer is that you have to consider the competition for the keyword, the purpose of the page and whether mixing the terms on the page would look natural to the human reader.

Blogging and blog writing are very competitive terms so deserve a page of their own and would work well together. Someone searching for those keywords might reasonably expect to find information on either subject. Plus, they go naturally together in a normal conversation, which is how a page should be written. The user intent is likely high level research from which they can drill down and get specific.

Blogging would also work with blogging platforms. Also with blogging and social media or with blogging tools. All separately of course. The user intent here would be to perhaps learn how to mix blogging and social media or find out about the top free blogging tools.

Blogging for money, Blogging platforms, Blogging and social media and Blogging tools don?t really mix that well together. A typical reader who searched for Blogging for money wouldn?t necessarily expect a piece that included blogging platforms, blogging and social media or blogging tools. Therefore, each should have its own page. The user intent is likely more detailed research on each subject so should deliver exactly that.

Linking it all together

To gain maximum SEO benefit from these pages they should all be linked together in a logical hierarchy. With blogging at the top linking to a subcategory that included Blog writing, Blogging for money, Blogging platforms, Blogging and social media and Blogging tools.

Then you can create links between Blogging Platforms and Blogging Tools as the two are closely linked. The same for Blog Writing, Blogging Platforms and Blogging for Money. Before you know if you are creating a web of internal links which boosts SEO.

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