More intelligence analysis during lockdown

Thanks to the wonders of Udemy, I have continued studying intelligence analysis from a former FBI contractor and graduate of and former instructor at the USAF Weapons School.

The certificate may say 1 hour of level 2 intelligence analysis but it took much longer than that! That one hour was just for the lectures. It took a couple of extra hours to perform the paired ranking, weighted ranking, create causal flow diagrams and perform all the calculations required to pass!

Now on to level 3!

The course is teaching me to analyse data impartially and avoid bias and making judgements too early. It also taught me a new term, ‘satisficing’. It means finding a satisfactory answer to a problem that will suffice rather than to keep digging until you find the real answer to that problem.

It’s good job I have no designs on leaving the creative world for intelligence analysis as there is way too much mathematics and diagramming involved!

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