Spending my time in COVID-19 lockdown constructively

As you can see, I have been using my time in lockdown (mostly) constructively with this Intelligence Analyst course from Udemy. I have no designs on working for MI5 or GCHQ but the ability to analyse information, remove bias and get to the heart of a subject can be useful in writing web content.

This course is level 1 of 3 and I will be completing them all over the next few months.

The courses teach how to analyse information, decide how credible a source is, question the validity of viewpoints, think critically, remove bias and assumption as much as possible and use some clever tools to get to the root of issues.

While a lot of content writing is about opinion and active use of bias, some of the copywriting jobs we do require the opposite. I am hoping these courses will help me identify when I am making decisions using bias instead of logic and assess the validity of news, reporting and any evidence I use in my writing.

What are you doing during your time in lockdown?

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