Providing it?s done correctly of course. Unless you can afford to pick and choose who you want to do business with, you have to satisfy everyone with your copy. Even the most difficult customers amongst us.
It?s a sad fact of life that you can?t please everyone. No matter what you say or do. Some people seem to have nothing better to do than complain and make life difficult for others. It might go against the grain, but you really do have to grit your teeth and try and please them as well.
The best way to do that is to not give them anything to complain about of course. Easier said than done. Still all you can do is try. Starting with a checklist of all the little things they?ll take great delight in taking you to task for.
So you have to make sure you?ve included all the things they?ll be expecting to find. Such as all the details relevant to making that decision about doing business with you. All the specifications they could possibly need to know about. If it?s a product, all the colour choices, sizes, materials used and everything else you can think of.
If it?s a service you?re offering, they?ll want to know exactly what they?ll be getting for their money. With no hidden charges for any part of it.
All written in plain English. Simple language they?ll understand without being able to accuse you of ambiguity. Or feel like fools for not knowing what it is you?re trying to tell them.
Of course some customers will have genuine problems. It?s how you deal with them that will make them leave either happy or simmering with discontent. If the fault is yours it?s obviously down to you to put it right. If not try and be understanding and point out it?s something beyond your control. In the nicest possible way of course. While offering to help anyway. Who could object to that?

It?s too easy these days to take a grievance to a worldwide audience without even pausing for breath. Once that happens you?ll find it very difficult to change people?s perceptions of you.
So don?t give them the excuse they might be looking for. Make your copy as foolproof as you can.

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