Copy to capture an audience from Cornwall to Scotland

And far beyond that of course. With the advent of the internet, audiences can be worldwide not just local to where you happen to be. Wherever you live and however remote, there?s no reason you can?t reach as many people as any other business. If you have what they want and you can supply them with it, there?re no limits. In distance anyway. But first you have to get them interested.

The web might be the best thing that?s ever happened to your business. Or even the reason you set it up in the first place. But it also means far more competition. Which is great for customers, but not so good if you want your voice to be heard above the rest. Something you can still do if you go about it the right way.

Unlike working on a market stall you can?t just shout louder than anyone else. Or hope to capture passing trade by having an eye catching window display in a shop on the high street. In this case it?s words that?ll do the job for you. It?s knowing the right ones that?ll count.

Copy has to be customer inspired otherwise it won?t work. You have to write it with them in mind as well as yourself. If you?ve done your research you?ll have some idea of the type of customers you?ll be likely to attract. If your title has used the words they?re likely to type into the search engine, they?ll probably stop and take a look.

Which is only the start of the process as far as they?re concerned.

If they don?t like what they see, or feel uncomfortable being there, they?ll leave without going any further. Which makes it all the more important to get the first paragraph right. If you?ve saved the best until last it?s likely never to be read. Whatever you write it?s the beginning that captures their attention, not the last few sentences.

Copy is no different to a novel in that respect. Nor is the fact they want to enjoy what they read. It?s up to you to make it interesting enough for them to want to know more.?Wherever they are.

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