Obsolete WordPress installs leaving businesses vulnerable

According to research undertaken by RiskIQ, 10 of the UK’s top 30 organisations are running outdated versions of the world?s top CMS, WordPress and Drupal. This leaves them vulnerable to exploits and hacks.

The RiskIQ blog featured a piece about outdated CMS and the number of the top companies in the UK that uses them. According to their research, almost 40% of the sites accessed used outdated versions of either WordPress or Drupal Content Management Systems. Of 1069 websites owned by the top 30, 307 of them were running old versions.

While still stable, old versions of a CMS leaves the website vulnerable to cyber-attack. Just like your antivirus, firewall or malware protection, CMS are regularly updated with security fixes to protect websites from emerging threats. An up-to-date website alongside effective web security techniques can be the difference between a fully working website and a hacked one.

The study was prompted by the theory that the Panama Papers issue was a result of a hacked CMS at Mossack Fonseca, the company at the centre of the scandal. Given how much data is contained within the average CMS, protecting it and the business data it contains is paramount.

Website security done right

Hosting an insecure website is worse than not having one at all. It not only puts your business at risk, but your customers too. Your organisation could suffer huge reputational and financial damage if your site is hacked, defaced or infected with malware. That risk is multiplied exponentially if your customers become infected as a result.

Given how cheap it is to have someone like me manage your WordPress or Drupal installation, it makes perfect sense to let me keep you up to date. From as little as £50 per month, I can manage your company website. I can keep it updated and secured. I can also provide traffic statistics, regular content, SEO advice and more. All for a predictable, sensible price.

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