Is your copy littered with Spoonerisms?

As you probably know spoonerisms are errors in speech. Sometimes they?re used intentionally for humorous purposes. Sometimes they?re the result of an affliction. More often than not they?re caused by carelessness.

They can also be a play on words. Which is all very well as long as people know it?s supposed to be taken lightly. Especially if used in copy. If it looks as if your mind was on something else when you wrote it you?re liable to just look sloppy.

Humour is a funny thing. (No pun intended.) Everyone has different ideas on what?s amusing. And what?s just downright silly. Or that which is harmless fun opposed to that which is offensive. You really can?t please everyone.

Copy doesn?t have to be deadly serious though. In fact a little humour goes a long way in connecting people to what they?re reading. Although lavatorial humour might be taking it a bit far. You don?t want potential customers turning away in disgust after all.
It all depends on what you?re selling of course.

There?re some things that have to be taken seriously after all. If not then why not give it a try? Being humorous doesn?t mean filling it with dubious jokes. Just writing it in a light hearted way and inviting readers to enjoy it.

Typos and spelling mistakes are a different matter. As are using the wrong spelling for words. For example ?their?, ?there,? and ?they?re.? Common mistakes that give the impression you didn?t pay close attention to your English teacher at school.

It might seem something that belongs in the dim and distant past, but dictionaries still have their uses. It might be a good idea to avail yourself of one if you?re not sure of a word or meaning.

If you really have been careless and littered your copy with unintentional mistakes, you might need to consider the concept of editing. It isn?t just for publishing houses to do before a book goes into print.

Every writer of whatever genre needs to do it for themselves. If you want to be taken seriously that is. And if your business is relying on copy to announce your presence to the world, why on earth wouldn?t you?

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