Is your copy in danger of reaching saturation point?

There have been many complaints recently about saturation coverage by the media. You know the sort of thing. Something happens and it?s all they seem to talk about. Someone famous dies, and everyone who so much as said hello to that person is rolled out to tell us all about it. So much so that other important issues are ignored in the pursuit of cheap sensationalism.

To say nothing of driving people away because they?re sick of hearing about it. This quite often does the subject an injustice. The important element has been watered down so much by trivia people lose interest in the subject itself. They just can?t seem to get the balance right.

Which brings us to your copy. Or more importantly, getting that all important balance right for the people reading it. Of course you want to get your points across. But repeating the same thing time and time again is likely to make their eyes glaze over with boredom.

To make them want to take action and decide to deal with you, you have to give them something to work with. They have to realise what you have is what they want. That won?t happen if they?re confronted with a dollop of overkill. In other words, the facts they need submerged in a mass of things they don?t.

If you?ve done your homework you?ll have some idea of what they are. And how far they?re likely to go to get it. Which usually isn?t far.
One of the main attractions of doing business on line is the fact it?s quick and easy. Or supposed to be. Most people just want to get the deed done and move on to something else.

Blocking their way with insignificance won?t do that. Simple and straightforward is all they?re asking for. But of course you have to balance that with something that?s pleasant and interesting to read.

If your copy causes people to switch off in exasperation, remember they won?t be back. Give them enough to hold their interest and want to know more. Without sacrificing the important facts. You really don?t have to saturate your copy with them.

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