Is your copy giving customers what they want?

If it is it won?t be doing you any favours. The only way you can see if it?s having that effect is to look at your copy from a reader?s point of view instead of a writer?s. There can be a big difference between the two.

For one thing you know exactly what you?re trying to say. It isn?t always easy to transfer that into words. Not effective ones anyway. Unless your meaning is clear to those reading it, it?s likely to leave potential customers scratching their heads in bewilderment.

Which in turn will make them think it?s too much like hard work trying to decipher it.
Online readers are notoriously impatient. They tend to skim text rather than read every word. It?s not like a novel where they?ll settle down prepared to read it from cover to cover.

So to get them interested in the first place it needs to answer their immediate question. Are you offering what they?re looking for? If it is they?ll slow down and take a closer look. But naturally they?ll still want to get the business over and done with as quickly as possible. Their aim is to go off and do something more interesting, not wade through swathes of irrelevant details.

Following closely behind their first question will be a major one as far as they?re concerned. What?s in it for me? You might have what they want, but they?ll expect it to be worth their while choosing you to do business with.

Apart from value for money, which goes without saying really, they?ll also be looking for satisfactory customer service, ease of navigation around your site, and security. Building a rapport with them through your copy goes a long way in soothing doubts.
As far as your relationship with them goes, it?s down to you to put their minds at rest.

You have to assure them from the start you?ll be there help in any way you can. And of course that you?ve got all the security procedures in place. If you?ve done all of that and still made your site a pleasant and straightforward place to be, you?re well on the way to having happy customers. Something every business needs if it?s going to succeed.

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