Don’t be aggressive with your copy

You might not think you are. Customers may beg to differ. What?s simply a way of selling to you, might well come across as an aggressive sales pitch to those reading it. Which rather defeats the object of your copy really doesn’t it?

Not that you’re not selling what you’re offering. But the way in which it’s perceived. This isn?t the school playground after all. If someone thinks you’re trying to bully them they’ll walk away and give you a wide berth in the future.

And who can blame them? We’re all bombarded with such tactics in every part of our lives. Aggressive marketing is big business. There?s no getting away from it. Many people have become wise to the ways of advertisers. And resent them for it. We don’t ask to be targeted in that way. Not knowingly anyway.

A gentler approach can pay dividends in customer relations. Appealing to people online means you only get a brief glance before their minds are made up. There are too many other businesses out there waiting for their attention. Therefore your copy has to catch their interest from the first word. If there’s any suspicion they’re in for a hard time you can guess what they’ll do.

People stop at your website in order to fulfill their needs. Not for a lecture on why they should choose you. Or what dire consequences await them if they don’t. Threats and intimidation will get you nowhere. You know yourself how much more receptive you are to new things if it’s introduced in a light hearted or friendly way.

Customers want to feel appreciated. They want to feel valued. They don’t want to be a number on the list of an anonymous company. Or be made to feel bad if they don’t have the same outlook as you. These days the hard sell is widely recognised by consumers for what it is. And they’re fed up with it.

Your copy will be the place of judgement. If you’ve got it right people will stick with it and explore the possibilities of doing business with you. It’s your shop window after all. Dressing it properly should be a priority.

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