Bringing back North Ocean Hotel’s website after the 123-reg debacle

I have worked with the North Ocean Hotel for almost three years now providing blogs and marketing material for several of the company?s websites. After their main site was deleted by 123-reg a few weeks ago, the hotel was told their website was gone with no hope of it returning.

The developer used by the company quoted a lot of money and several weeks before being able to restore it. I did it in two days. The new North Ocean Hotel website looks very similar to before but with a few improvements. I was able to access the old website myself, take a copy and rebuild it on the original WordPress theme.

The hotel owner is happy, his guests are happy and so am I as I proved a concept. If you lose your website for one reason or another, chances are you can recover it quickly. Any web developer who tells you the website needs to be rebuilt from scratch and quotes you hundreds or even thousands of pounds for it isn?t being completely truthful.

For less than ?500, I recovered, rebuild, relaunched and now support the North Ocean Hotel website. I have improved security, implemented a firewall, a CDN and an automatic backup regime, all included in the price. The only things not covered are hosting and the WordPress theme, but they can be if you need them to.

So, if you have lost your website to 123-reg and have yet to get it back or have been told you cannot get it back, contact Coastal Content today. We can help!

I can tell you within the hour whether I can recover your website. I can have it up and running within 72 hours if I can. I can then manage it, secure it, back it up and relaunch it. All for a sensible price.

If you want ongoing support and content for the site, all the better. If you don?t that?s fine too.

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