Copy shouldn?t be a fairy tale

If it is customers are likely to be very disappointed in you. It?s isn?t because they don?t like fairy tales. Most people do. But that isn?t what they?ve come to see you for. There?s a time and place for tall stories and fantasies. Your copy isn?t it.

If it reads like one people will doubt your motives. After all if you?re already weaving hidden meanings into it, it doesn?t bode well for the end result. In their eyes at least. Most of them will know the difference between fantasy and reality. You have to prove to them that you do to.

Most fairy tales end with everything neatly resolved. But to get to that point the whole story has to be read and understood. Otherwise it simply won?t make sense. With copy it has to work the other way. Readers? have to know from the beginning what the outcome will be.

The reason they?ll be there in the first place is to see if you can provide them with what they want. They won?t try and guess for themselves. Or spend a long time sifting through pages of text to find the answer. They?ll want to know now.

You have to understand things from their point of view. Not just the fact they?ll be impatient. They will be. Or that they?ll scan your words rather than read every word. That?s what they?ll do. But they?ll also be concerned about their safety. It?s up to you to reassure them, and prove you?re not a villain in disguise.

If you?re coming across to them as the big bad wolf they?ll run a mile. Even if you?re a pussy cat in reality. The only impression they?ll get of your true nature is the one you give them. Starting from the very first word you write.
Of course there?s nothing wrong with using your imagination.

In fact it?s essential whatever you?re writing. As is entertaining readers with your words. It?s simply a question of putting it all in the right perspective.

The only resemblance your copy should have to a fairy tale is the ending. That ?happy ever after? customers will be looking for.

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