Social media and internet tutorial writing that delivers the knowledge necessary to make the most of these technologies, while avoiding the pitfalls. Never has there been so much potential wrapped up with so much risk as with social media and the internet. Navigating your way through either can be more trouble than it should be.

Social media is hardly ever out of the news. Whether it’s world leaders using it as a medium to express their opinion or companies using it to influence, social media has real power. The internet has power too, enabling all manner of industries and technologies and opening up the world for everyone to experience.

To make the most of these opportunities, you need to know how they work, the risks and the potential. That’s where social media and internet tutorials come in. Simple, straightforward tutorials written in plain English.

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Social media and internet tutorial writing topics can include:

  • Using social media safely.
  • Avoiding phishing, trolling, data loss and identity theft.
  • How to positively portray a business or brand online.
  • Business social media etiquette.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Using the internet safely at work.
  • Avoiding hacks, malware and viruses.
  • Using cloud computing for business.
  • Working with cloud applications.
  • Virtual Private Networking.

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Social media and internet tutorial writing

Social media and internet tutorial types

Typically, social media and internet tutorial writing topics are split into two camps. Tutorials on how to use social media or the internet and how make it work for you. Or tutorials on safe use, avoiding risk, etiquette, positive use of social media for business and more serious topics.

We have vast experience of both kinds of tutorial, ensuring each has a positive message and learning outcome.

While both types of tutorial have a very different intent, the style and approach is the same. All tutorials need to be written in a conversational tone, be informal, concise and impart the key parts of the lesson in a clear, unambiguous way. If you can weave a little humour and light-heartedness into the mix too, it always goes down well!

For more formal situations, we retain the conversational tone and impart the learning but dial back the humour and informality. We tune our tutorials to the audience so we can get the message across in the most effective way possible.

Social media tutorials

With social media dominating the headlines and attention spans of certain areas of society, knowing how to use it effectively offers huge potential. Whether you run a website and want social media tutorials, run a business and want to leverage social media or just want to monetise your tutorials for income, we can help.

We cover every element of social media from how-to tutorials to safe use, social media marketing, security, privacy, cultural impact and more.

Internet tutorials

The internet has changed how we live, communicate, shop, learn and do business. Our internet tutorials can cover every element of the internet from the mechanics of how it works, the societal impact the internet has had, internet safety, internet security, safe internet use, how-tos for internet technologies, cloud computing, building networks and every aspect of life online.

All our tutorials are written in a friendly, approachable manner that achieve the learning goals while remaining accessible and digestible.

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