Small business search engine optimisation

Want to climb higher in the search engine rankings? Need to increase website traffic or visibility? Want to work with a Plymouth content provider that specialises in smaller businesses and startups?

Coastal Content helps startups and small businesses get their foot in the door with the search engines. We specialise in onsite SEO, website optimisation and local search. All designed to help you start as you mean to go on. Search engine optimisation is an essential component in brand awareness and can literally make the difference between success or failure online.

Startup search engine optimisation

As a local?content marketing company, Coastal Content enables the small to medium enterprise to attract and retain prospects and customers through search engines. By optimising your website and producing an effective content marketing strategy, we build the foundations that enable you to grow.

We work best with startups and new businesses. Those who want to build a solid grounding in search before employing a dedicated SEO agency. We typically work with those businesses who cannot afford an agency but want to get the ball rolling and help? grow an online presence.

Onsite SEO can help:

  • Increase your search engine rank using proven methods that deliver long term results.
  • Optimise your website to deliver the page speed scores that influence ranking.
  • Provide regular SEO-optimised web content?to draw visitors, gain authority and target your chosen keywords.
  • Help build and maintain a positive reputation online.
  • Build a solid foundation before you need a dedicated SEO agency.

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Start as you mean to go on with onsite SEO designed for small businesses and startups.

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