New year, new web design!

We are well into 2020 now and the year is a good one so far. This is Coastal Content’s thirteenth year in business and I’m hoping it’s a lucky one. To celebrate a new year and a new decade I have upgraded the website to something brand new. I hope everyone likes it!

The new design is taken from a Themeforest template and tuned to the needs of Coastal Content. I wanted a design refresh. While I liked the old site, it was a little too grown up and sensible for my liking. The new design is more colourful, more light hearted and hopefully more inclusive. The copy is much the same but it allows me to add my new suite of services, tutorial writing.

New website, new tutorial writing services

While I am obviously biased, I think the new website is a step in the right direction and offers the information you need as a client with a short path from enquiry to delivery. It’s also light, friendly and should load very quickly on any device.

The ‘new’ tutorial writing services I have included are not actually new. I have been writing them for over a decade. Having spend almost ten years as an IT engineer and training new technicians in various companies, I began offering It tutorials to clients. Now those tutorials have grown to such an extent that they make up around 70% of the work I do!

That’s why I have decided to bring them from the background and show them front and centre. Now that eLearning is more popular than ever and our lives at home and at work are based more around technology, teaching people to use that technology safely and productively is paramount.

For employers or educators, eLearning is cheaper than classroom learning and easier to manage. For students, eLearning can be better than classroom training as you can go at your own pace. For visual learners, tutorials are the ideal way to solve a problem or learn a new skill as long as the corresponding images do their work!

Anyway, back to the new website. I hope you all like it. As I have been staring at it for the past month, if anyone notices any errors or something that doesn’t work, please send me a message. Thanks!

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