With the world becoming increasingly dependent on technology, training, upskilling and introducing new programs, devices or technologies to new users is a constant process. IT tutorials, eLearning, FAQs, learning platforms and intranets are all ways to share a lot of knowledge with a lot of people for not a lot of money.

If you need a little help putting together professional IT tutorials covering everything from internet security, Windows 10, networking, identity theft to responsible social media use, we can help!

We write for tutorial websites, companies, agencies, individuals and anyone interested in providing top quality tutorials to their readers. We would be happy to work with you too!

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Projects we have completed include:

  • General IT tutorials
  • Windows and Mac tutorials
  • Windows troubleshooting tutorials
  • General PC and Mac troubleshooting tutorials
  • PC hardware and build tutorials
  • PC water cooling tutorials
  • Bespoke application tutorials
  • Microsoft Office tutorials
  • WordPress, web, email and networking tutorials
  • Windows troubleshooting tutorials

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IT tutorial writing

IT tutorial writer

As the lead tutorial writer, I spent over ten years working for a global telecommunications provider as a telecommunications switch engineer and went on to servers and networks and managing call centre systems. This gave me a solid grounding in IT and technology and how it is used in business. It also showed me how many IT training manuals and training courses written by engineers are not as accessible as those engineers think they are!

It’s our mission to fix that.

I have written tutorials for Cable and Wireless and Virgin Media as an employee and then went on to write for TechJunkie, Broadband Genie, PC Gamer, Tom’s Hardware, Dave’s Computers and Coastal Computers among many others as part of Coastal Content.

Plain English tutorial writing

A core tenet of Coastal Content is clear communication in plain English. Nowhere is that more necessary than with IT tutorials. The technology industry is one full of technical terms not found anywhere else. It’s an industry that is also way too fond of acronyms!

Coastal Content’s IT tutorials do away with all of that.

Our IT tutorials will include:

  1. Clear, concise and creative tutorial writing.
  2. Plain English explanations of every aspect in conversational language.
  3. Concise introduction with show and tell.
  4. Step by step walkthroughs of the subject at hand.
  5. Quality images or screenshots to support the explanation.

Informal and conversational language

Many technical manuals and IT tutorials are quite dry affairs. You can imagine them being written by someone in a dark server room somewhere by an engineer with pens in their shirt pocket. This type of tutorial does not engage and doesn’t effectively teach either.

Conversational language is exactly what you’re reading here. Informal and relaxed, as if we were sitting in a coffee shop discussing IT tutorials over a cappuccino and Danish. That is how you communicate with people. Discussing a subject with them, not lecturing at them.

All our IT tutorials are written in this way. To help create understanding and a relationship with the reader. One they respond to and accept, helping the learning process.

Show and tell in IT tutorials

One thing many tutorial writers forget is the show and tell. We have lost count of the number of tutorials we have read where we lost interest after the introduction and went somewhere else. Tutorials are like any web content. They need to engage from the first sentence and tell the reader what that tutorial will do for them and how it will improve their lives.

A show and tell describes what the tutorial is going to achieve, show or tell the end result and include how achieving that end result will enrich their lives.

Step by step

The modern audience doesn’t have the appetite for walls of text or the patience to read three pages before they get to the lesson. Any tutorial should be short, concise and to the point. The show and tell acts as the introduction and adds context to the less. The step by step, is where the learning happens.

We use the 1, 2, 3 model as we think it breaks everything down into bite-sized chunks that anyone can follow.

  1. Open the app and log in.
  2. Select My Account from the top left menu on the page.
  3. Select Cancel from the left menu on the new My Account page.
  4. And so on.

With clear formatting and good use of headers and sub headers, the reader has the opportunity to read the tutorial in its entirety or skip to the good stuff depending on how much time they have. Our tutorials provide the ability to do both without losing any of its impact.

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