There is a lot more to technology than just computers and IT. Technology can encompass subjects as diverse as social media to automation, web technologies to encryption or even the evolution of wearables. It’s a huge subject that demands not just knowledge of the subject matter but a passion for technology. That’s something we provide!

As lead tutorial writer, I have been in the tech industry for over twenty years, as an engineer, trainer, writer and content manager. I love anything that’s new, shiny or advanced in one way or another and that comes across in my writing. You can quickly tell if the writer is interested in the subject or doing it for the money and that makes a real difference to how the tutorial comes across.

Coastal Content writes for tutorial websites, companies, agencies, individuals and anyone interested in providing top quality tutorials to their readers. We would be happy to work with you too!

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Subjects covered by our technology tutorials can include:

  • Web technologies and content management systems.
  • Mobile phones and phone use.
  • Social media use, security and safety.
  • Data encryption and security.
  • Programs and applications.
  • Games, gaming and gamification.
  • New devices and their potential.
  • Anything to do with technology!

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General technology tutorial writing

Like any company worth the name, if we don’t know a subject, we learn it before writing about it. Authority is a key factor in any writing but technology even more so. The reader can quickly tell whether a writer knows their subject or not and will engage, or not, accordingly.

The tutorial writing process

The tutorial writing process is quite straightforward but requires a lot of work. First we take the brief and agree the price and deadline. Then we learn the subject matter until we can speak with authority. Then we put the tutorial together, create images using screenshots or relevant media and build the tutorial from there.

Once complete, we edit. Refine. Edit and refine until we are happy. Only then do we submit the tutorial to the client.

The tutorial writing process means this type of web content takes longer to create than web pages or news posts but have a much better chance of engagement as a result. Well-written tutorials can encourage commenting and sharing that just adds to the effect. All while educating your staff or readers.

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