Don’t set your blog on a downward spiral

Which might just happen if you?re blogging for all the wrong reasons. Especially if it?s a company one. Your aims might be different to those who?ll read it, but it really shouldn?t all be about you. Unless you engage people in what you?re doing they won?t be interested. Why would they be?

Like everything else on line people will only stop and look if it appeals to them. Blogs are no different. There?re so many out there they?re not going to trawl through each one on the off chance it?s what they?re looking for. That?s why if you?re treating it as no more than an opportunity for free advertising you might want to think again.

Adverts are one of life?s annoying facts. There?s no getting away from them no matter how hard we try. Do you really think adding to the deluge will do you any favours? You can still promote yourself and your business through a blog, but only if those reading it are getting something from it themselves.

Like being entertained for instance. Or being taught something new. You really do have to give them more than bland statements of what you?re there for. If you?re hoping for something in return that is.

Remember it?s people you?ll be dealing with. Not search engines or robots. You should be having a conversation with them not saying things only to get attention. If you?re lucky enough to have followers with the same interests as you allow them to share it. There?s always something new to learn after all. Even for you.

The friendlier you are to people the more likely they?ll be to respond in kind. The same applies to blogs. Just because it?s happening on line doesn?t mean conversations can?t be just as amiable. The more people can engage with you the more they?ll want to keep in touch.

The same goes for your content. If you keep it fresh and interesting there?ll be an incentive to follow you. Once people start getting bored they?ll lose interest and go elsewhere, so don?t let that happen. Once you?re on that downward spiral it?ll be hard, if not impossible, to get back up again.

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