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How brand awareness can affect SEO

There are many considerations to take into account when considering your brand. One of the oft-overlooked ones is the effect it will have on your SEO efforts. It?s a tenuous link but an important one. Get your brand PR wrong and it will have knock on effects to your SEO.


Sharing content boosts your SEO. The more you can get people to share what you do, the higher you will rise in the SERPS. Allow anything to get in the way of that rise and people won?t share what you create, which will compromise your SEO.

Emotional connections

One of the main tenets of brand management is speaking with the same voice wherever you might be. Whether you?re writing a blog post, Devising content marketing strategy, copywriting for your business or engaging in social media conversations, you have to be constant and consistent.

Those you meet on the internet need to experience the same persona reflected in everything you do. Saying one thing on Twitter and saying something else on Facebook leads to an emotional disconnect that can cause your audience to begin doubting you as an authority.

Quality content

Social networks fuel each other in feedback loops when connected to your website or blog. Quality web content provides that fuel. There is no point spending hours a week building a Facebook or Twitter audience if they don?t convert into visitors or customers.

The content you provide helps with that conversion. Make the content the kind that people want to see, that they want to share and that other people will want to see and that conversion process takes place.

Looking good

Another often overlooked aspect of content marketing is providing shareable content that makes the sharer look good as well as you. We all want to be liked. We all want to be seen as cool, a leader, maverick or at the cutting edge. If you can provide the kind of content that can deliver that, it will be shared.

The most shared content on any social media platform is the kind of stuff that makes you look good for publishing it and those who follow you look good to their own followers for being a part of it.

So what has all this got to do with brand awareness?

If you don?t speak with a single voice, if you are not consistent across the social space and say the same thing, people will begin to lose trust in you. They won?t know which is your real voice or your real opinion. They won?t make an emotional connection with you if they don?t know who you are. Consequently, they won?t share what you provide because it might be inconsistent and they risk looking foolish.

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